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Air Force Cross recipients are listed by conflict. Click on the conflict listed below to view a PDF list of the recipients from that respective conflict/period in a new browser window, or "right-click" on the link to download the document to your computer with the "Save As" command.

 Current as of: July 7, 2022

  Conflicts / Periods  
Vietnam War, 1956-1973 Somalia, 1992-1994 Gulf War, 1991
Cuba, 1962 Afghanistan, 2001- 2021  

Throughout history, some Airmen were awarded the Army Distinguished Service Cross. They can be found here:


NOTICE: Security, privacy, and administrative reasons preclude a complete list of awards recipients. Agencies with a requirement to verify valor award recipients should contact the appropriate military service. If you believe this list to be in error or if you would like your name removed from this list, please use the Military Service contact information provided under " Contact Us " to submit your concern to the appropriate Military Service.

The sole purpose of the information provided on this website is to publicly recognize those U.S. military members who are recipients of a Medal of Honor, Service Cross, or Silver Star. This information is based on awards reporting made available to the Military Departments. In making this information public, DoD does not represent that all those members who are entitled to wear the subject awards are identified. The public should not rely on the information on this website as a definitive identification of all those members who are recipients of the subject awards. Specifically, the information made available on this website should not be used to confirm whether or not an individual was awarded the subject awards for any purpose. DoD disclaims any liability arising from reliance on the information on this website.

Army Air Corps/Army Air Forces/U.S. Air Force members recognized for actions prior to 1 July 1948 are listed as Army members; on/after 1 July 1948 they are listed as Air Force members.

Members listed multiple times were recognized for valor the number of times listed. For example, a Soldier whose name is listed twice on the Army’s Distinguished Service Cross list was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for two separate acts.

Listed names are the names of the members reflected in official military records.

Members are listed by their respective military Service, not by the military Service that awarded the medal. For example, a Marine awarded a Distinguished Service Cross by the Army would be listed by the U.S. Marine Corps.